SPSL 2013 London Competition Raffle

David Naill and Co has grown since Leslie Cowell first opened his doors in 1976 in Somerset, England. We now employ a large staff of varied skills, from silver smiths to hand engravers, engineers to the best hand turners. Our premises extends to over 2,500 square feet of workshop and storage space allowing us to keep in stock at all times a large amount of African Blackwood. Our policy at David Naill is to produce everything in-house so as to ensure the very finest quality craftsmanship. Everything from polypenco chanters to the most expensive set of bagpipes are produced within our walls. We season our blackwood for a minimum of four years, ensuring that bores remain true and mounts do not come loose due to wood shrinkage, thus insuring the stability of the finished product.

We frequently seek input from champion pipers to improve our product line

A large amount of workshop space is taken up with the production of non-wooden products these include: polypenco pipe chanters, a large range of polypenco practice chanters, imitation ivory projecting mounts, ferrules, and caps; nickel ferrules, caps,and slides, hand-engraved silver ferrules, slides, caps, mouthpieces, soles, shields, and projecting mounts, polypenco mouthpieces, universal water traps; universal valves, reed protectors, poly blow sticks, bagpipe covers, and smallpipe bellows. All Imitation projecting mounts, ferrules, and ring caps are made from non-discoloring art ivory, precision turned prior to fitting. In addition to this our David Naill and Co hands-on policy extends to the manufacture of all our own tooling, thus enabling us to monitor and scrutinize production at all stages.

We aspire to make the highest quality bagpipes possible

Adapting and evolving. There has been a worldwide explosion of interest in piping and many firms have come forward to take advantage of the growing demand. At David Naill our focus on the future is the same as it was in 1976, to aspire to make the highest quality instruments possible, using the best machinery and staff available. We continue to evolve, frequently seeking input from champion pipers to help improve our product line. Our workshop has adopted the latest in high-tech CNC computerized machining techniques, used where the application enhances the finished product. Initial roughing and boring are now completed on automatic lathes, allowing us to work to finer tolerances, most notably in the accuracy of our bores. However, we still depend on hand-turning for any aspect of pipemaking that affects the tone of the instrument. Our wood-turners have an intimate feel for the unpredictable nature of blackwood and the details of crafting in order to produce great harmonics. Even the silver engraving is produced in-house undertaken by our stable of freelance silver artists. Every piece of a David Naill product begins with the best materials and art-quality design, every step of the process is under the direction of Les and his son Martin. The result is a genuine David Naill product, a bagpipe that is almost unequalled for tone and manufacturing quality.