The DN6 is our premiere set. It is both majestic and powerful, showcasing the best craftsmanship and metalwork we offer. These are top of the line David Naill pipes, fully mounted with hand engraved Sterling silver. We exclusively use .925 Sterling silver for this model. Included are full silver mouthpiece and chanter sole - both made from a solid piece. Our projecting mounts are made from thick walled castings which are machined and then turned by hand to finish – they are not filled. The weight of the Sterling silver on this set is approximately 1.35 kgs/2.98 lbs.

Everything about this set is of the highest quality, and the hand-cut silverwork is superb. The engraving creates fantastic aesthetic detail, and comes in a variety of designs. For this model we offer the options for custom engraving. We can precisely render your ideas to life, adding a distinctive and personal style to the set.

Model Features

  • African Blackwood fully combed/beaded
  • Engraved silver ferrules
  • Engraved silver ring caps
  • Engraved silver tuning slides
  • Engraved silver mouth piece
  • Engraved silver projecting mounts
  • No imitation ivory on this model

Accessories Include

  • African Blackwood chanter
  • Choice of Canmore zipper or hide bag
  • Velvet or cord bag cover
  • Silk drone cords

All our silver is .925 Sterling silver and not plated. All models come with the option for various combinations and upgrades to accommodate both style preferences and body sizes. We include a 2 year warranty on all bagpipe parts (with proof of purchase). Contact us for questions or help with making choices.

HAND ENGRAVED DESIGN OPTIONS. We pride ourselves in our metalwork, taking great care to ensure every David Naill bagpipe set is a true masterpiece. This model is available in the following hand engraved designs. More on our metalwork

New Runic
New Dragon

CUSTOM ENGRAVING. Celebrate a loved one, or hallmark a special occasion with custom engraving. Using delicate and precise chisels, we can bring your ideas to life, creating deep everlasting impressions and a quality far superior to any machine-work. Learn more